Supporting VIVO through membership represents the main source of unrestricted income for program initiatives and provides essential support for our staff and operations. It is through the support and collaboration of our members that we are able to advance the program to meet the evolving needs of our community. Your financial support and engagement is critical to keep our program strong.

How VIVO membership works:

  • VIVO Members gain a voice in VIVO governance to advocate for program priorities and help decide on future directions for the software.
  • VIVO Members receive discounts and early access to training events/workshops.
  • VIVO Members can take advantage of Lyrasis-supported benefits typically offered to Lyrasis Members only
  • VIVO Members can connect with a global, engaged community of VIVO users, as well as the VIVOprogram team, and benefit from a wide range of expertise.
Image of Fedora Membership Chart

Membership and VIVO Governance

Leadership Group members serve for one year, from November through the following October. The Leadership Group consists of representatives from VIVO member institutions, as well as three community-at-large members.

Leadership Group members are seated according to their institution’s membership level. Individuals are selected by each member institution:

  • Platinum ($20,000+) = 1 seat for each Platinum Member *
  • Gold ($10,000+) = 1 seat for each Gold Member (temporary)
  • Silver ($5000+) = 1 seat for each Silver Member (temporary)
  • Bronze ($2500+) = together seat two member who is elected by the community liaisons of the bronze members
  • Copper ($1000+) = no seat within Governance
  • Supporter ($500+) = no seat within Governance
  • Community = Nonmembers but are represented with 3 seats within Governance

Leadership Group Member Role

To provide the strategic leadership for VIVO, Leadership Group members contribute in the following ways:

  • Attending monthly Leadership Group meetings and letting the Chair know if you are not available.
  • Reviewing background materials prepared for meeting discussions and voting on key decisions.
  • Staying current with topics VIVO updates and active task forces and interest groups.
  • Participating in key VIVO initiatives such as the Steering Group, the annual conference, VIVO Camps, and other leadership events.
  • Lobbying their institutions to contribute developer resources to VIVO sprints whenever possible.

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